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last changeFri, 2 Dec 2011 06:48:22 +0000 (06:48 +0000)
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethMissed the concat master
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethFinish admin one-time identification
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethStart to add admin one-time identification
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethGet rid of a warning here
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethNeaten up message a little
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethSlighly (un)break user counting, so it works for where...
2011-12-02 Tamber PenkethMore documentation
2011-12-01 Tamber PenkethDocumentation
2011-10-25 Tamber PenkethOkay, I need to wake up before trying to git
2011-10-25 Tamber PenkethAll this, just because I wanted to fix the damn COPYING...
2011-10-25 Tamber PenkethI thought I already updated everything to reflect the...
2011-10-24 Tamber PenkethRemove some bugs; Add some functionality, and a handful...
2011-10-24 Tamber PenkethNormalise to lower-case
2011-10-24 Tamber PenkethLet commands be sent in private message
2011-10-24 Tamber PenkethHow'd I turn that \n into a \t?
2011-10-24 Tamber PenkethAdd one-time-key generation, if there's not yet an...
10 years ago v0.3 I give up; here's Version 0.3.
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