2018-06-07 useautometaadded fuel level sensing master
2018-06-07 milaqimplement user configurable baudrate
2018-06-06 milaqgrey out unsupported pids
2018-06-06 nuitfix trouble code lookup
2018-06-06 milaqfix setting reconnect attempts
2018-06-06 milaqprettify UI a it further
2018-06-06 milaqclean up UI
2018-06-06 milaqadd unified logger
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethMerge commit '3bdeb6882535c94408c3f517aba0205bb768ec36'
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethPost autopep8. still causes lots of E501...
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethMerge commit 'a555f8453327b9d4b75b17acca1ffd93590159dc'
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethAutomatic protocol handshake
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethCorrect value type while searching for serial ports...
2018-06-06 Tamber PenkethMerge remote-tracking branch 'martinohanlon/master'
2015-08-10 Gökhan KurtUpdate
2015-04-07 Joakim SöderbergDon't use eval for converting strings
2014-05-25 milaqremove promotional stuff
2013-12-21 Nico Wollenzinadded rfcomm capabilities
2013-07-09 Martin O'HanlonCreated own data capture process
2012-12-16 Paul RobinsonFixing bugs
2012-12-16 Paul RobinsonAdding error checking
2012-12-16 Paul RobinsonChanging logging to header + comma delimited format
2012-11-23 Paul RobinsonChanging time format
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonErm
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonAdding script type to script
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonChange date format to remove date.
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonConcatenate multiple message lines
2012-11-07 Paul RobinsonAdding specific expected message sizes for certain...
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonAdding checks for ISO OBD connections for UNABLE TO...
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonChanging Baud to 38400 as that's what my usb port ends...
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonAdding record_data function for logging data for reques...
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonCorrecting debug_display for no port
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonAdding function to add item to log by shortname in...
2012-11-06 Paul RobinsonAdding shortname to sensor list
2012-11-05 Paul RobinsonAdding logger and is_connected function to recorder
2012-11-05 Paul RobinsonRemoving the infinite read loop and adding checking
2012-11-05 Paul RobinsonIf we do have wx installed but have no window, don...
2012-11-05 Paul RobinsonMoving scanSerial into its own module
2012-11-05 Paul RobinsonDecoupling obd_io from wx
2012-06-20 lb1programmerfix exception handling
2012-06-07 soulseekahReturn the port string consistently
2010-10-29 Peter HarrisCorrectly decode DTCs
2010-10-29 Peter HarrisDon't look for BUSINIT string
2010-10-29 Peter HarrisInitial import - pyobd 0.9.2