2021-09-26 TamberMap continues. Toxins, sci/research break room Tam master
2021-09-22 TamberRedevelop HoP queue area
2021-09-22 TamberOops. Didn't need that latejoin point, because there...
2021-09-19 TamberRearranging Robotics - Hopefully now the equipment...
2021-09-19 TamberUpdate TGUI
2021-09-16 Bobbahbrowntgui: Round Gauge (#55230)
2021-09-12 TamberD'oh
2021-09-12 TamberFutzing about in the docs for a bit
2021-09-05 TamberHave a hearty helping of fixes, breakages, and other...
2021-09-05 TamberLanguage changes now make this a compile error. Feex!
2021-09-05 TamberVarious map fixes for some of the broken shit spotted...
2021-08-30 TamberOrder rogue APCs back into place.
2021-08-30 TamberLighting fixes & move the delivery chute in CE office...
2021-08-30 TamberRemove an annoyance
2021-08-08 TamberFix layer-manifold misalignment!
2021-08-08 TamberSpecial-case layer 4 and 5 pipes for layer-manifolds...
2021-08-08 TamberMerge branch 'Tam'
2021-08-08 TamberRevision 1 of farts. A productive evening, all in all.
2021-08-01 TamberContinued SpiderNest work
2021-07-19 TamberMissed an area tile in the emitter storage room.
2021-06-13 TamberMultiple themes for computers.
2021-06-13 TamberFirst step of Grand Progress(TM)
2021-06-12 TamberAdd a donut vending machine in engineering on SpiderNes...
2021-06-12 TamberDonut vending machine
2021-06-05 TamberMerge branch 'Tam'
2021-06-04 TamberAnd add a way to actually *get* the pride flags
2021-06-01 TamberMerge in a whole buncha good stuff
2021-05-31 TamberPride flag poster items
2021-05-16 TamberPride flags
2021-04-24 Qustinnusadds a new ambience for when you're in space. (#57678)
2021-04-21 TamberHave some more bits n pieces!
2021-04-21 spessbro[Performance] Refactors ambient sounds to use global...
2021-04-21 Ryll RyllFixes an apparent typo in station integrity score code...
2021-04-21 MothblocksRemove the voodoo doll (#57780)
2021-04-21 TimberpoesMulebots are no longer bugged into horrific, merciless...
2021-04-21 TamberPorts 'Fixes getting nothing from necropolis chests...
2021-04-21 zxaberRound end report now shows AI laws even if they are...
2021-04-05 TamberAnother "I aentn't ded yet" push
2021-03-28 TamberTGCM green paint variants of Durand, Ripley, and Odysseus.
2021-03-28 TamberEh, the 'warning lights' weren't working out.
2021-03-27 TamberAdd shutter for borg access to mechbay
2021-03-27 TamberSlight tweaking, for some coming Lore
2021-03-22 TamberUrl changes
2021-03-21 TamberMore bits n pieces. Lol, basically commiting straight to
2021-03-21 TamberTurns out I didn't fix the pod-door airlock controller...
2021-03-04 TamberUntangling of pipework, and SOME POD-DOOR AIRLOCK BUTTO...
2021-03-04 TamberPoddoor airlock button feex!
2021-03-03 TamberLittle tidyups. (Can't remember what I did.)
2021-03-01 TamberOkay, sick of looking at the horrific tangled pipework...
2021-02-28 TamberMerge in development branch. yolo!
2021-02-28 TamberContinues the map-building madness
2021-02-28 TamberDepartment-specific loot-drops
2021-02-28 TamberAdd shoddy sprites for XL and Giant cockroaches. Also...
2021-02-16 TamberFix cargo shuttle bay. Shuttle can actually dock now!
2021-02-16 TamberQuick 'cleanup' of admins.txt, to take the /tg/ staff...
2021-01-03 TamberLittle rebranding thing I missed!
2020-12-28 TamberShuffle those directional air-alarms back a few pixels...
2020-12-28 TamberFix asset cache verification
2020-12-28 TamberFix asset cache verification
2020-12-27 TamberLinux librust
2020-12-27 TamberMakings of a mech-bay! Also little stupid shit like...
2020-12-27 TamberAirlock Controller variant for pod-doors, with tgui...
2020-12-24 TamberRD folder colourscheme; also a little tweaking of stamps
2020-12-14 TamberStation growth++
2020-12-14 Tamber:) :( Some minor theatre works.
2020-12-12 TamberRebuild tgui
2020-12-12 Tad HardestyFix tgui-chat linkifying IC text (#53533)
2020-12-12 TamberIn Pipes We Trust
2020-12-12 TamberSnazzy new/old air-alarms
2020-12-12 TamberBeige-ify computers
2020-12-07 TamberLittle bit of pixel cleanup on the new alt-form medical...
2020-12-07 Tamber4-Way Disposal Junctions
2020-12-07 TamberChange alt medbay sign to match the other department...
2020-12-06 TamberUpdate unit test; reagents.has_reagent now
2020-12-06 TamberSlight README update
2020-11-26 TamberMerge branch 'tetra-tg-smushing' into Tam
2020-11-26 William Wallacesinks now refill properly (#53579)
2020-11-26 msgerbsFixes several things not unlocking when hit with an...
2020-11-26 Jared-FogleFix chemicals not recognizing end of metabolization...
2020-11-26 Jared-FogleAdd feedback for alt clicking atmos machinery (#53510)
2020-11-26 Jared-FogleFix seeing surgeries while blind (#53500)
2020-11-26 CoulsRunechat no longer breaks if the tick lag changes ...
2020-11-26 ATH1909fixes a copy+paste error in synthcode (#53573)
2020-11-26 DennokFix portable_atmospherics runtiming on mapload (#53575)
2020-11-26 TiviPlusBreathing changes (#53560)
2020-11-26 TimberpoesFix incorrect proc signature for /mob/living/proc/Life...
2020-11-26 TamberUpdate tgui bundle
2020-11-26 Rob BaileyFix holodeck UI breaking when null list is sent (#53564)
2020-11-26 msgerbsFixes air alarm operating modes not working
2020-11-26 msgerbsFixes shuttle catastrophe triggering when Build Your...
2020-11-26 Ryll RyllNo more blobs after shuttle passes point of no return...
2020-11-26 ATH1909da dadadada da da, dada da da, dada da da, da (#53405)
2020-11-26 RohesiePods eject things without a client on arrival (#53386)
2020-11-26 DennokUpdate construction.dm (#53438)
2020-11-26 ArcaneMusicImproves cardboard box consistency. (#53525)
2020-11-26 LemonInTheDarkMerge pull request #52907 from Wallemations/master
2020-11-26 TamberMerge branch 'tetrabits' into Tam
2020-11-26 TiviPlusWHY DO I KEEP BREAKING THINGS (#53557)
2020-11-26 DonkieProcess procs now properly utilize deltatime when imple...
2020-11-25 Unknowncronch