descriptionTetraStation13 - Yet Another /tg/station Fork.
last changeSun, 13 Feb 2022 19:37:53 +0000 (19:37 +0000)
2022-02-13 Seth SchererYou can now clean pies off of your face in the sink... master
2022-02-13 BondGives the black market more life (#57632)
2021-12-31 TamberFix some overlapping lattices, and extended the HoP...
2021-12-31 TamberFile some edges off on the vending machines. Also tweak...
2021-12-05 TamberHmm hmm
2021-10-22 TamberMap stuff, map stuff, map map stuff stuff.
2021-10-22 TamberShove the PTL room a little further out of the way...
2021-10-22 TamberOh, hey! There's the factor of 10 difference that I...
2021-10-22 TamberOverclockable SMES! At your peril.
2021-10-22 TamberRead the TEG generation capacity at a glance!
2021-10-20 TamberAdd PTL room stub, other minor fixes.
2021-10-20 TamberTGUI bundle update
2021-10-20 TamberOH MY GOD I'M AN IDIOT - Output switches now modify...
2021-09-26 TamberMap continues. Toxins, sci/research break room
2021-09-22 TamberRedevelop HoP queue area
2021-09-22 TamberOops. Didn't need that latejoin point, because there...
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